Explore legendary Cashies emporium. Upload Nougat videos. Grow your audience. Build your museum!

Cashies Spesh: The Game*

Grow your video-based social platform channel by uploading engaging videos about the Nougats you find at a local reseller of some of the products at some of the prices of all time.

Will you be able to eventually build the museum of your dreams?

Or will you be satisfied by simply finding all the obvious references?

Featuring an original song "Franky, my deer" composed for the game in the classic style.


  • Movement: WASD + Mouse
  • Examine item: E
  • Purchase item: Q


  1. Gain subscribers.
  2. Entertain subscribers.
  3. ???
  4. Museum!


This game is unofficial and is neither made (nor approved) by DankPods nor any company that rhymes with "Ash Onverters". Any similarities do seem pretty intentional though...

Don't be satisfied with pale imitations--such as this--check out a genuine Cashies Special!

Change Log

  • v0.0.0 -- Initial WIP "safety" upload.
  • v0.0.6 -- Final entry submission.

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