future. light. entertainment.

It's a futuristic dystopia...and you're the entertainment...

You know the drill: Escape!


  • Fire Thrusters: Space Bar
  • Rotate: Mouse / Touch
  • Brake: lol

Oh, and, watch out for the wind! Or is it gravity? Head canon go boom!


  • Darkrun v0.1.0
    • Initial release. (Pre-submission deadline.)
    • Game play!
    • No changelog.
  • Darkrun v0.1.1
    • Second release. (Pre-extended submission deadline.)
    • New features:
      • Higher version number.
      • Your Darkrun runs are now timed with a stopwatch!
      • Linux & Web only, currently. [DONE: Upload other OS.]
      • Now also Windows uploaded, same functionality. (7 May 2022)


This game was built on top of the work of these projects & people:

  • Bevy by @cart & friends.
  • bevy_egui by @mvlabat & friends.


    I think it's important to highlight here that Vlad, the primary developer of bevy_egui, is a resident of Kyiv, Ukraine and thus is affected by the current invasion of Ukraine by Russian forces.

    Participating in a game jam while the developer of one of the tools I'm using is dealing with ongoing threats to their own/family's life & trauma from the destruction in their community leads one to experiencing a fair amount of...cognitive dissonance, I guess.

    Thus I would encourage you to stay informed about what support is helpful at this time by reading what Vlad or other developers in your own technical communities are sharing about the situation on Twitter & other sites.

  • egui by @emilk & friends.
  • [Updated] Font used is Big Shoulders Stencil Display (OFL Licensed) which has a rather... unexpected back-story. :)



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Darkrun-Linux-v0.1.0.tar.gz 8 MB
Darkrun-Win64-v0.1.0.zip 11 MB
Darkrun-Win64-v0.1.1.zip 11 MB
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