Neutralize the Binary Nerve Agents? Is this a "Die Hard 2"+"The Rock" rip-off? No, it's... 

Die Rock


As you're an experienced chemical weapons decommissioning expert specialising in Binary Nerve Agents (BNA) I'm sure you already know all this but--as a refresher--here's some things to remember:

  • A spherical BNA vial has two separated halves each of which contains a BNA of a certain type:
  • Allowing the two halves of the BNA vial to mix is... probably ill-advised.
  • However, through the well known chemical process with which you're no doubt well acquainted, if three or more half vials containing the same BNA variant are in "close proximity" they will react & neutralize each other.
  • Neutralized BNA can be observed as being smaller in size and of less vibrant colour and can probably be safely ignored. (Although the half vials never truly disappear--after all, this is real life, not a video game! Ha.)
  • You can be assured your colleagues in the field will keep you supplied with BNA "vial stacks" which contain four vials & will certainly cause terrible devastation to the entire surrounding population should they not be carefully stowed & neutralized in your secure BNA Decommissioning Chamber Orchestration Unit:
  • Good luck! We're all counting on you.


  • Move Left: W/Left Arrow
  • Move Right: D/Right Arrow
  • Switch Front/Back View: X (Note: Other controls are "backwards" when switched!)

Theme Connection

"Die Rock" was going to fit the jam theme by flipping the game view from one side to the other when you got blocked ("an end") and potentially enabling you to continue ("a new beginning") with the second side after "neutralizing" the vials on the backside view to give you more space.

But I didn't get as far as implementing that functionality--I also started to think it maybe made a more compelling game if the back view vials got processed during normal game play. (Thus making it necessary/possible to plan your moves based on both views at once.)

Update: Turns out I did get the "revised" concept partially implemented before the deadline after all. :) Is it "more compelling"? Good question!


  • Made with Godot 4.0 Release Candidate 1
  • Played by you, thanks! :)
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