As Easy As Medication Side Effect Juggling In Real Life!

I can't believe Dr. McCaw scammed me! What a fraud! I was promised thrilling carnival side show escapades and got this...

Join me in aimlessly throwing these ghost chips...err... ghost chuubes against (or through) the wall. What else you gonna do? Play a complete, well crafted & entertaining video game experience? Not around here, friend, you'll have to look elsewhere for that!

Just watch out for that Dr. McCaw wherever you go though, has a tendency to dream big & under-deliver, it seems.

(Although... I suppose a pattern of dreaming big & under-delivering could be a symptom of (un-)diagnosed executive function disorder as those have been known to have such... side effects.

Which, while no less frustrating for my still carnival escapade-deprived self, does mean Dr. McCaw has my sympathies, I know them feels.)

Note: Dr. McCaw is not a medical professional and is not licensed to practice medicine in your or any other jurisdiction. If symptoms persist stop.





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