"There's No 'Sea' in Die."

You're a pirate sailing the bright, glistening seas and searching for buried treasure hidden on well-protected islands.

You'll need a map of course but I hope for your sake it's not a... `GridMap`. :D :/


  • Space Bar -- roll the dice out of your ship's cannons.


  • Font: Oswald (OFL Licensed.)


  • v0.1.0
  • v0.1.1
  • v0.1.2pre
    • Apparently my last-minute updated web-only build upload *did* complete by 6:58AM (local time) but I wasn't able to confirm or configure it at the time.
    • Enabled the v0.1.2pre build around 8:05AM (local time) when I was finally able to check it. Just in case that's a deciding factor in me winning a large trophy and/or international acclaim. :)
    • New in this version:
      • Amusing bugs!
      • Ship movement feature & controls!
      • "More" accurately modelled ship model.
      • "Better" camera perspective.

Previously, on itch.io...

These Are Not The Dice You're Looking For...

Currently[0] this is just an early "safety" jam upload/submission—cos it's never too early for a game jam "safety" submission!

Why not make a "safety" submission for your jam game right now?

[0] Unless you're reading this after the GMTK Game Jam 2022 submission deadline, in which case I guess I got hit by a bus (See! That's exactly the kind of unexpected event an early "safety" submission prepares you for[1]! If that's the case don't forget to rate in order for this game to receive a touching posthumous win! "Gone too soon! But not before uploading a safety submission! This guy jams.", "guess he lost that roll of the dice. lol.", "Impressive dedication to the theme." ), and/or I forgot to update this. (Oh.)
[1] Wouldn't it be ironic if I spent so long writing this text that I never actually uploaded the safety submission before being hit by a bus[2]?
[2] Given the current state of my local public transport system, there's little chance of that—any bus with my name on it has a 50% chance of getting cancelled before leaving the depot! (Don't let those responsible for the provision of your local public transport outsource to profit-prioritizing privateers, people!)


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NoWonDiceAtSea-Html5-v0.1.1.zip 4 MB
NoWonDiceAtSea-Linux-v0.1.0.tar.gz 14 MB
NoWonDiceAtSea-Win64-v0.1.0.zip 13 MB

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