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"Tomato" or "Tomato"? Whichever way you pronounce it, when you get behind better hope you can... ketchup!

Can we really squeeze 64 players at once into a Godot game? Let's find out!

Note: This is an online only, multiplayer game. Online features are implemented via Epic Online Services. No Epic or other account required.

Find out more about Godot and Epic Online Services here: https://rancidbacon.itch.io/the-endov-society

| Please only use version v0.1.0 for ratings! |

  • Version v0.1.1 was uploaded post submission deadline with a hotfix to enable more tomatoes to spawn in the hopes that it will provide more to do while waiting for other players to join (plus some other fixes). But please only use this version after you've rated v0.1.0 & don't update your rating after playing, in fairness to others & staying within the rules.


Use these keyboard controls to move:

  • Arrow Up - move forward
  • Arrow Down - move backward
  • Arrow Left - turn 90 degrees to the left
  • Arrow Right - turn 90 degrees to the right

Walk over a tomato to pick it up and increase your team's tomato sauce supply!

Pop next door to eat a sausage* to reduce your neighbour's tomato sauce supply.

*Sausage eating feature is coming Real Soon.


Tomato Sauce (or ketchup, in some regions) is the power source behind any great summer BBQ and you're having a great summer BBQ...

...but your tomato sauce supplies are running low!

And those pesky neighbours from next door who always pronounce "tomato" wrong are having a BBQ too!

You & your guests collect tomatoes to make sure you don't run out of tomato sauce in a competition to retain the coveted neighbourhood title of "Summer BBQ that's Not Bad".


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PowerSauce-Linux-v0.1.3.tar.gz 25 MB
PowerSauce-Win64-v0.1.3.zip 23 MB
PowerSauce-Linux-v0.1.0.tar.gz 25 MB
PowerSauce-Win64-v0.1.0.zip 23 MB

Development log


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Known Issues [Known Issues Update #1 + #2 + #3 + #4 + #5]

0. I don't know what will happen with 64 players. The game might blow up then or even with fewer players. (There's definitely going to be an issue if everyone in the lobby has an associated score. But "fortunately"...)

1. There's only ever 10 11 *cough* tomatoes. They don't get replenished. Whoops. Wait, I meant to say: So, it's ultra-competitve! [Known Issues Update #3] As of Power Sauce version v0.1.1 (a post-submission deadline update, now available for download) tomatoes will now respawn! Please only use v0.1.1 after you've made any rating decisions for v0.1.0.

2. Host "migration" wasn't implemented completely. (This means that if the original lobby host leaves you'll no longer be able to pick up tomatoes.) [Known Issues Update #4] As of v0.1.2 host migration should now (mostly) work except scores will reset to zero on next tomato pickup (plus possible issues between host leaving & new host promotion)--which I only noticed just as testing updated download! :/ But this is still better than nothing for now. Again, please only use v0.1.2 after you've made any rating decisions for v0.1.0. [Known Issues Update #5] Scores should now be preserved on host migration.

3. There's currently no Mac exported version. I might be able to do this on request but when I tried during development the export from Linux to Mac didn't work without some mucking around in Terminal.

4. And many more, collect them all to complete the set! :D

5. I didn't manage to write up all the related credits, Epic Online Services Terms & Conditions etc. You can find out more about those via an earlier project of mine (https://rancidbacon.itch.io/the-endov-society) and/or via https://gitlab.com/RancidBacon/epic-online-services-for-godot.

6. [Known Issues Update #1] When a player leaves, their character remains on screen for other existing players but not for any new players who join.

7. [Known Issues Update #1] All players start in the same place which will result in odd overlaps in rendering if you join just after someone else has joined & hasn't yet moved.

8. [Known Issues Update #2] Certain grid locations result in a tomato not being able to be picked up due an issue with float values/rounding. [Known Issues Update #3] This should now be fixed.


Devlog thread on Twitter: https://twitter.com/RancidBacon/status/1462469394873810948

Thanks for your interest, let me know if you have any questions and/or you get a screen shot of 64 players. :)