The Sound of One Cursor Blinking...

Some weirdos have been digging through the dumpster of the local pet chew toy factory and gluing the half chew toys together with wanton abandon?!

Your pet dog goes through chew a dogrooster pecks puppy chow...but isn't a fan of this foam genetics manipulation.

Can you collect all the mutant chew toys strewn around the streets, re-join the matching halves, and keep your previous doggo supplied with non-trauma inducing chew toys?


Because this is a game jam, and things don't work that way.

You can watch a cute character move about a scene though.

Did someone say SECRET LEVEL code?

Oh! And you can also access the secret level if you create the level in Blender, export to GLTF and then figure out how to set the secret level environment variable correctly! Screenshots win...the satisfaction of doing it, so this doesn't feel like a complete waste of time.





  • Turns out WASM doesn't support time, who knew? (Actually, I'm pretty sure I knew--from a previous jam entry experience I apparently forgot about?)
  • Turns out an OpenGL app with a blinking cursor can cause hideous stuttering in a Vulkan app running on the same computer--even though the Vulkan app reports 60fps.
  • Turns out building Rust apps for release on crappy outdated hardware is too slow to fix last minute platform support issues.
  • Turns out building Rust apps for release on free corporate convicted monopolist hardware is also too slow to fix last minute platform support issues.
  • ...

Stay tuned for more..!



  • 10 July 2022
    • Uploaded WASM version (finally!).


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Hey how do I control the character?