Collect Screwdrivers. Save the Planet*.

Reuse. Repair. Reclick!

"Screwing Around" is a clicker/incremental game where you use your extensive screwdriver collection to dismantle products so some of their parts can be repaired, reused or recycled!

Don't have an extensive screwdriver collection? Well, now is a great time to start yours--in game or in real life!

[Note: Currently your progress is not saved when you leave the game.]


  • Brought to you & Clicker Jam 2022 by rancidbacon et al.
  • Original screw head illustrations by Inductiveload (via Wikipedia) kindly made available to the Public Domain. Thanks!
  • Built with Godot.

Thanks for playing!

*Your actions in this game may prove insufficient to significantly improve the Earth's long term prospects.


Post-submission updates:

  • Update #1
    • Uploaded updated release (rather than debug) build v0.1.0 for HTML5 browser players.
      This may result in small load time & performance (especially particles) improvements.
      No content changes.
      (You can still download the original HTML jam submission if you particularly want to experience the game as originally submitted for some reason. :D)
    • Uploaded updated release build v0.1.0 for Linux.
      No content changes.
    • Uploaded new release build v0.1.0 for Windows.
      No content changes in comparison to original Linux build.
    • Updated embedded HTML5 player background image.
    • Thanks for playing!

  • Update #2 (v0.1.1)
    • Uploaded updated release build v0.1.1 for HTML5 browser players, Linux & Windows.
    • New content: Sound effects! (In response to player feedback, thanks!)
    • New feature: Turning off sound effects! (In anticipation of player feedback. :D )

  • Update #3 (v0.1.2)
    • [TODO: Add release notes.]

PlatformsWindows, Linux, HTML5
Rated 1.5 out of 5 stars
(4 total ratings)
TagsClicker, dismantle, Incremental, screwdriver


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It says screwdriver unlocked when you level up, but I have yet to see a single screwdriver at level 5.

Some ideas:

-Screws take multiple clicks to unscrew. 

-You can spend screws to buy new screwdrivers that decrease the amount of clicks needed to unscrew a screw.

- Have stages you can go back and forth between, the higher the stage, the more screws there are and the harder they are to unscrew.

-If possible, add 'screwdriver skins' that change the player's mouse to look like various screwdrivers.


Would be better if there was an obvious progression system to the game.  Seems like it's always level 1, and score just goes up.  Decent graphics though!


Dismantled about 10 pieces. Level didn't change, no new content got unlocked, so I quit.


Thanks for playing Screwing Around & detailing your play experience, I appreciate it! :)

Should the game eventually get a full release I will attempt to commemorate your achievement with the "Dismantled Ten Pieces, Got Nothing! 'Intonaco' Memorial Award" in-game achievement as compensation for, well... getting nothing in return for your efforts this time around. :D

Unfortunately as you discovered I didn't manage to implement the progression system before the deadline so all the content is unlocked from the beginning of the game. I realize this does not make compelling game play. :)

Thanks again for playing & for not giving up after nine pieces!