The original Bros who Smash... your solar plexus! It's the Brawl of This Century!!

Solar Plexus


  • Keyboard (+Mouse)
    • Movement: WASD and/or Arrow Keys
    • Jump: Space Bar
    • Attack: j or Left Mouse Button (LMB)
    • Dodge: [TODO]
    • Special Attack: [TODO]

[WIP version which may be updated before jam submission deadline]

Developer Commentary

When I saw the first volumes of The Hardy Boys from 1927 were now in the Public Domain it immediately brought to mind memories of three very distinct Hardy Boys-related words/phrases from my childhood:

  • "Solar Plexus" (People were always getting hit there--but I had look its location up!)
  • "Chet" (A most unfamiliar name!)
  • "Jalopy" (Another unfamiliar term I had to look up! :) Such a great word.)

("Ice yacht" was a close fourth runner-up, in case anyone was wondering. )

The idea of developing a brawler/platform fighter game followed quickly. After learning about other works entering the public domain this year & disappearing down many research rabbit holes a supporting storyline started to form too.

(A storyline weaving together The Hardy Boys, Stan Laurel & Oliver Hardy, pies, Sherlock Holmes, Winnie the Pooh, copyright law, Public Domain, publishing companies, societal norms, comedy and even [SPOILER]. Only a mere fraction of which actually got implemented in time for jam submission, of course.)

Along the way I also learned about a bunch of other stuff too...


Anyway, thanks for reading and/or playing the game!


  • Made with Godot 4.0 Beta 9.



  • v0.0.5 - First public upload & initial jam submission.
  • v0.0.6 - Updated version:
    • More responsive level loading.
    • Graphics updated.


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hi, this looks wonderful and i'm excited to play it! but for now i'm getting this error and then it won't run:


The following features required to run Godot projects on the Web are missing: Cross Origin Isolation - Check web server configuration (send correct  headers) SharedArrayBuffer - Check web server configuration (send correct headers)"

Thanks for your interest in playing Solar Plexus! :)

[Update: Oh, actually, directly opening this URL might be quickest way to make it work: ]

A workaround may be to right-click on the section of the page showing the error message and choose to open the frame in a new tab. (Exact menu option will depend on your browser.)

Alternatively, it may be necessary to use a more recent browser version. (I’ve encountered this error previously when using an older version of Firefox.)

As I understand it, the error message is related to a change in how browsers/servers support embedding games in a web page. This is why either “un-embedding” the game or upgrading the browser should hopefully workaround/solve the issue.

Sorry for the delay in reply. Brains. :/