Look at all that glossy candy!

Mmmm, candy.

Where's the game play?

Hey, you play, you win! How much more game play do you want?! :D

No Sisyphean grind-to-win mechanics here, I assure you! :)

Where did the time go?

Things I spent a lot of time on during the jam:

  • Finally getting somewhat workable Rust/Bevy development setup working with the Kate Editor. Includes context sensitive info/completion (sometimes sub-optimally formatted :) ) thanks to rust-analyzer via LSP.
    Also got project building to work via hacky use of the (C++ focused) Kate project build plugin with Cargo, sccache & flatpak-spawn. The output parsing is...overly aggressive & doesn't understand Cargo's output but it's somewhat usable.
  • Yellow. I spent a lot of time on the colour yellow. Seriously.
    Well, more specifically, why, when I tried to de-saturate the bright yellow background colour it suddenly turned...dark blue. :D
    I think I've tracked it down to an error in how the Bevy HSL conversion function handles the situation when, e.g. the Red & Green channels have equal values.
    [Still need to write this up as an issue.]
  • Trying to figure out why Bevy smooth shading/normal calculations of torus meshes appear to (still) be calculated incorrectly, leading to incorrect/weird shading. My currently very uneducated hypothesis is it may be related to not correctly handling axis/orientation issues correctly. [Still need to write this up as an issue.]
    The workaround I used was to use flat shading instead, along with high segment/side counts--you can see this in the "low resolution" specular highlights on the torus in-game.
  • Trying to figure out why Godot's smooth shading/normal calculations of torus meshes appear to (also) be calculated incorrectly.

Things I didn't spend a lot of time on during the jam:

  • Game play. :D

Okay but...

More candy!? It's not normal, I tell you!
Torus? Toroid? Who knew they could be such trouble...

Wait, how does this fit the theme?

Well, if anyone doesn't have to manage ADHD at the same time as participating in a game jam, I say that's definitely an Unfair Advantage. :D

What project outcomes were satisfactory?

  • Submitted an entry. (Always a primary goal. :) )
  • While leading to my downfall early in the jam, I did manage to mostly steer clear of "default grey" colour schemes with the use of saturated candy colours. Doing so had been one aesthetic aspect that I'd wanted to improve on, given how often many of my jam entries end up using default grey colour schemes.
  • Managed to create a Rust/Bevy project Linux binary of not-unreasonable size which also had machine-specific file paths segments removed via use of `remap-cwd-prefix` and/or `remap-path-prefix`. This was something blocking release of another Rust-based project I'd been working on, so good to have made progress on this aspect of the release process.
  • During the extra 30min "coyote time" :) submission deadline extension, I managed to produce & upload a WASM export for browser use on itch.io. Although it wasn't quite as easy as various docs suggested (in particular, AFAICT there's not really much/any mention that an appropriate `index.html` file won't get created by default). In my experience a browser version is pretty much essential to have in game jams if you want people to try out your game.
  • Post submission deadline I was also able to create a build for Windows (only tested via WINE currently). Alas, due to the Jam configuration I'm unable to upload this version until after rating period has finished. [TODO: Upload this.]
  • Generally feel like I have a better understanding of Bevy's ECS approach to creating a game and I can certainly see things to like in the approach. Also I really appreciate how much effort has been put into creating an ergonomic API for developers to interact with, especially, for example, in queries for system functions.



This game was built on top of the work of these projects & people:

  • Bevy by @cart & friends.
  • bevy_egui by @mvlabat & friends.


    I think it's important to highlight here that Vlad, the primary developer of bevy_egui, is a resident of Kyiv, Ukraine and thus is affected by the current invasion of Ukraine by Russian forces.

    Participating in a game jam while the developer of one of the tools I'm using is dealing with ongoing threats to their own/family's life & trauma from the destruction in their community leads one to experiencing a fair amount of...cognitive dissonance, I guess.

    Thus I would encourage you to stay informed about what support is helpful at this time by reading what Vlad or other developers in your own technical communities are sharing about the situation on Twitter & other sites.

  • egui by @emilk & friends.


The Big Picture(s)

Screenshot from the game "You, eh?".

Screenshot from the game "You, eh?".


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